Conflicts of Interest: Biden Admin Pounds War Drum While Europeans Seek Peace

On COI #228, Kyle Anzalone breaks down recent statements by Biden officials. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that an invasion could come at “any day.” Sullivan also suggested that the war could be brutal for Russia because of America’s support for Ukraine. 

While the Biden team is making evidence-free claims that Russia could produce a fake video to create a pretext for war, French President Macron and German Chancellor Scholz are seeking a diplomatic solution. Macron will meet Putin in Moscow this week before Scholz arrives on the 15th. Macron said Russia was not seeking to invade Ukraine, but a stable security situation. 

Kyle discusses the recent moves in Congress to erode the ‘One China’ policy. Two bills seek to change the name of Taiwan’s diplomatic office in the US. The House passed a $250 billion spending bill to ‘compete’ with China. 

Kyle updates the recent drone attack on the UAE. An Iraqi group has claimed to be behind the attack. The US approved a massive weapons sale to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Kyle talks about the recent reporting on Havana Syndrome. The Blob is making another effort to revive the debunked theory.

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